We offer pick- up on demand and have bookings order that we follow, but are still open to work in clients as our services are not restricted.

Olamide Services Ltd has also a global reach that allows you to book from any where in the world and get our services on arrival.

We have well trained drivers and client satisfaction is our priority, and such we provide security escort where needed and have bullet proof vehicle for our VIP client who maybe requiring such service.

You can book online and have your reservation secured with a reference code respectively.

We are available 24/7 all year round for theĀ  following:

  1. Car lease & Rentals
  2. Fleet management
  3. Travels & Tours
  4. Airport shuttle
  5. Protocol services
  6. Event covering (Weddings & Burials e.t.c).

To book one of our cars, simply following this process:


Click on any car of your choice to proceed

Scroll down to request for quote click on it


Fill the form accordingly and submit


Wait for about 30mins and you will receive a quote from us and payment link to pay for your required service of if you are in a hurry please give us a call at 0803 8383-251