Choosing The Right Car Hire Company

Choosing The Right Car Hire Company
Choosing The Right Car Hire Company

Making choices is not always the easiest task because for every choice you made there are other alternative forgone. In some cases these alternatives are equally good but in the case where there are a lot of bad choices then care must be taken to ensure the right decision is made. Car hire in Nigeria is not the way your traditional car hire operate such as zip car, enterprise … Car hire companies in Nigeria don’t operate self drive models but car plus driver option.

Therefore the criteria for making this decision is Nigeria would differ from the ones been used in a country such as the UK kingdom. The following issues must be considered:

  • Age of the cars been used by the companies
  • Their service history
  • Insurance policy
  • Driver Training
  • Driver on duty discipline
  • Booking policy

Nigerian roads are generally not the best, meaning wear and tear on cars is far more severe than cars used on western Europe roads. It is important as a rule to work with companies whose car fleet age is not beyond 5 years, this helps to improve safety and reduce the likelihood of breakdown while been used.  Secondly, the servicing of the cars and the type of garage they patronize for maintenance of their fleet is also very important. Of all the above stated points, the 2 most important factors are drivers training and drivers discipline while on duty. The reason is because in Nigerian, people don’t generally take driving test in order to get their driving license hence the internal training program of drivers become very vital. Finally, company policy on driver discipline cannot be over emphasize. In Nigeria Driver discipline is very poor, it is very common to find drivers getting drunk while driving and getting away with it because of the weak law enforcement. To avoid this kind of situation, companies must have very strong monitoring and disciplinary process with zero tolerance to any form of drunk driving.