The Company.

Who we are trading name is Olamide Executive Services Nig Ltd, we are a car hire company focused on the medium to high end car hire market. A full and active member of the city car hire association, we pride ourselves on quality, integrity and competitive pricing.</p> <p><span class="changeFontSize">With Executive care hire you make every car hire experience extraordinary simply choose from one of our luxury fleet. Featuring some of the most desirable motorcars on the planet. We are proud to be associated with some very high quality brand names; we service both local and international customers.  We give our customers peace of mine as we treat every customer booking with strict confidential.<br /> </span></p> <p>We would like to win everybody’s business but the reality is, that is not possible hence we concentrate on what we do best, offering car + driver car hire. All our drivers are well trained both on their driving skills and customer services and they are also fully vetted.

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Transcorp Hilton Hotel, Aguiyi Ironsi Way Maitama District, Abuja

0803 8383-251


Our Team.

Mr Moshodi

Senior Driver

Alex Luther

Senior Driver